Living Food Starts with Living Soil

January 19, 2017

“Living food should rot. Mechanical things don’t rot. Have you noticed the shelf life of Velveeta cheese? You can squirt a dab on a table and it will sit there for a year. It doesn’t grow mold. It doesn’t get dry. It doesn’t do anything. It just sits there, inert, like protoplasmic sludge. It’s not alive. Only life can die and give you life” 

- Joel Salatin

Soil - Once we found the right breed of cow we needed the right grass but before the right grass we need the right soil in order to grow the highest quality, nutritionally optimized grass. Sound a bit hokey pokey? In every tablespoon of healthy soil there are 5 billion living organisms. This is no joke, there are trillions of symbiotic relationships occurring that we don’t see that make our food healthy. Depleted soil due to overgrazing, spraying herbicides, pesticides and insecticides or other bad management practices will largely omit these relationships that produce the best foods. If spraying these things will kill a grasshopper what do you think it does to the microscopic bugs? We have faith in these unseen things because we’ve felt it. Our society will rise and fall in correlation with our care and appreciation for the soil and the life that is grown and sustained from it. Hence the importance of being good stewards of the land. So we go to great lengths to improve our soil. We spread 2 gallons of cane molasses per acre, 2 gallons of raw milk, 130 lbs. per acre of Redmonds Clay and 70 lbs. per acre of Redmond’s Sea Salt. Bugs, biology and plants love raw milk and cane molasses. We spread the Sea Salt and Clay to mineralize the soil even more and detox our cattle from the unavoidable toxic environment we all live in. Every shovel we turn we find a handful of worms which are a macro expression of the microbiology in the dirt.  

Braedon Paramore

Grass-Fed Beef Becoming Increasingly Popular

Dec 13th, 2016