Sous Vide + Bar 10 Beef = Best Results

February 14, 2018

First and foremost, we always have to thank our customers for the level of attention they give to the quality of their food. Our customers aren't average and we're grateful we have the opportunity to rub shoulders with such intelligent and dedicated individuals on a daily basis... For the average person steak is not a common occurrence for dinner so when you purchase steak, especially Bar 10, you're really looking forward to it and would hate for something to go wrong! There're a lot of variables; we'll list a few of your potential worries and explain how one simple machine can ease your mind.

  1. Your going to over cook or under cook your steak. 
  2. It's going to be tough. 
  3. It's going to be dry. 
  4. It will be flavorless... 

I feel like there's this almost biological expectation that we should know how to grill a steak and do it well, not well done but with skill. If you're anything like me this has come with a bit of a learning curve. Just because I grilled a lot as a teenager doesn't mean I know how to grill for results it means I know how to turn a knob and press a starter button. Over the years i've improved and would have a lot more confidence cooking for a group of friends today than I ever have before. However, there is still a bit of anxiety when the most important portion of the meal is in your hands. 

Bar 10 Beef delivers fantastic results in overall flavor, tenderness and juiciness which isn't common in the grass-fed beef community as most are experiencing dry, tough beef with other grass-fed beef brands. A few rules you probably follow in order to ensure the best results possible...  

  1. Thaw and bring close to room temperature before cooking. 
  2. Season well. 
  3. Don't poke with a fork to flip or move (use tongs) 
  4. Let rest for 5-10 minutes before serving. 

These are all great thing to do with whatever quality steak you're cooking with. No matter what you do you're never 100% confident you'll get your desired results. 

Sous Vide Machines have been around for a little while now and we've recently learned of how perfect they cook Bar 10 Beef! You still follow the 4 basic rules but instead of the results that are more common above you get a cut of steak that is... 

  1. Perfectly cooked all the way through. 
  2. Extremely Tender. 
  3. Juicy
  4. Full of Flavor, Bold Bar 10 Flavor. 

Sous Vide machines separate the cooking from the searing and it's all timed perfectly so you never have to worry about messing up a good steak dinner again. You can also walk away and accomplish other things while cooking. Give it a quick sear when it's done and it's perfect! It will only make your experience better.  



Click the Sous Vide Cooking Tab in our menu or find the button on our homepage to order yours today! It will change the way you prepare Bar 10 Beef. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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