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Help Us Clean the Freezer OUT!

  We're pushing to clean out our freezers completely with the last of the beef that was butchered in January. What we have a lot of is Ground Beef and Stew Meat. If you'll help us rid of this beef we'll pass the huge savings on to you! The ground beef packages, that are already discounted from $7.60/lb. will have an additional 15% discount. Ordering the Cattle 30 will take the price from $5.99 to $5.00/lb.! 

The Stew Meat will go from $6.50/lb. to $5.20/lb. (20% Discount) - Until it's gone!  

If you purchase 30 lbs. and mix and match Stew and Ground we'll drop the price to $5/lb. across the board!!!

We're talking the best beef money can buy for $5/lb.! It may not show $5/lb after you checkout, we'll adjust the price to bring everything down if you've purchased 30 lbs.  

For example: 10 Stew Meat (15 lbs.)  and the rest ground beef (15 lbs.); Making a total of 30 lbs. everything will drop to $5/lb.!

Stock up! These cuts will be go fast! We appreciate the help in advance! We anticipate this sale to be over when all the Ground and Stew is gone from January (Early September).  


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