New York Steak

Tender, Juicy and Full of Flavor!

A fun fact about New York Steak is that it lies on the other side of the T on a T-Bone steak. On the other side of the T-Bone is Tenderloin. So a T-Bone steak is really just a New York Steak and a Tenderloin left on the bone:) The only difference between T-Bone and Porterhouse is the Porterhouse has a larger portion of the Tenderloin so a lot of times it's a subjective decision being made by the butcher as to whether or not it's T-Bone or Porterhouse! So when butchering we can't have New York, Tenderloin AND T-Bone/Porterhouse... We get one or the other... 

We would say that each steak has their own resumé as to why they're the best. Tenderloin is not only the rarest at only about 6 lbs. per animal but it is definitely the most tender. Ribeye is famous for being that big bold, fatty and flavorful cut you'd see a man's man order, like Gaston from "Beauty and The Beast", he'd order Ribeye. New York is the Happy Medium. It's a little of both in tenderness, flavor, boldness and juiciness. Our Tenderloin is about 4-6 oz. per steak and our Ribeye is 12-16 oz. per steak. New York comes in about 8-10 oz. per steak.  

Cooking Tips: Actually there's really only one.... Thaw your New York Steak before you cook it:) So plan ahead in order to have the best experience possible. We also recommend you try cooking your steak with the ChefSteps Joule or any Sous Vide machine. We've been using it for about 7 months and your beef comes out absolutely perfect every time! Click the button below to learn more about the Sous Vide by ChefSteps:) Seriously though this machine will elevate the tenderness, lock in the flavor and ensure your money is very very well spent for all the reason you purchase Bar 10 Beef in the first place. 


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