Kingman Airport via Customer Luke Brazdyz

309 E. Beale St., Kingman, AZ 86401 (Get directions)

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Kingman Airport via Customer Luke Brazdyz

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Luke Brazdyz is a Pilot from Kingman who has been flying back and forth from Kingman to St. George for the past few years in order to get Bar 10 Beef. He has agreed to bring back other orders if those who order can meet him at the local airport there in Kingman. These dates are not consistent, however it's generally no more the 6 weeks between orders. So when placing an order stay tuned for the day and time. Thank you! We will ask for your cell number as Luke will send you a text when he leaves St. George and when he lands in Kingman. He has also been willing to fly to Bullhead City. Please email with questions. 

Fees & Rates

Delivery Fee $15.00 flat rate