Pre-Ordering is Finished this Season

Pork is a seasonal offer! Stay tuned for when pre-ordering will begin so you can secure your half portion. Typically ordering begins in the fall and we deliver in December or January. You don't want to miss out next year on this ever improving Pork.  

How Pre-Ordering Pork Will Work

1 Shop: Pre-Order by the Half

We will be pre-selling pork by the half pig. Pigs will be split into A and B. So once we sell 15B, we're out until next year. If you want to pre-order 2 half portions you will simply add 2 halves, 4A and 4B or 5B and 6A to your cart to ensure you receive a full pig worth of pork. Please don't add anything else to this cart. It will help to keep your Pre-Order Pork order seperate. Thank you!

2 Check Out - Charged by the Poundage Received

Once you've check out and pre-ordered your half portion of pork your name will be attached to the half of whichever animal it is you selected. Your card is not charged when you check out. Checking out only secures your portion of pork. You will be charged once we know how much pork we were able to harvest off the half portion you pre-ordered.

3 Pick Up - Late December/Early January

Meet us to pick up your order on your scheduled pickup date and time. We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions about this process please feel free to contact us! We're excited to add such a high quality, local product to our online store! Thank you!

About the Pork

These pigs are being raised in Alton Utah by Klint Heaton, a cousin to Kelly Heaton. He and his family have 15 - 20 pigs that are being raised on open pasture where they roam as nature intended. These animals are humanely raised, no tail docking or detusking. In addition to whatever they find to eat on open pasture they are fed a non GMO feed. This pork will be clean, local, healthy, honest and a way better option than it's supermarket cousin. Please feel free to call our office or email us with any questions you have.