Very Limited Time Offer Until They're Gone

15 Available, don't hesitate!

Here's the situation... We need to sell 15 Whole Beeves and we need to do it fast! Typically a Whole Beef would cost $3,200 and it is currently discount to $2,700. The reason we can justify this discount is due to the fact that it helps rid of the entire animal as opposed to customers purchasing a lot of ground beef, roast or steak leaving us with the other cuts to try and sell. Purchasing a whole beef or any package is better for us and it's cheaper for you! Right now we have 15 whole beeves that we need to get rid of in order to make room. We're discounting the Whole Beef price to $2,300, that's 380 lbs. of the best Grass-Fed Beef! $2,300! $6.05/lb.!  When you're one of the first 15 to purchase these Whole Beeves your not only purchasing all the cuts at once and eliminating the worry of selling other cuts that are left behind when purchasing a la carte but we don't have to store these beeves in our freezers, worry about keeping them in inventory etc. We'll save time on labor and energy costs of storage and we want to pass these savings on to you! 

A Whole Beef Includes: 
59 lbs. of Steak - 6 lbs. of Tenderloin, 18 lbs. of Ribeye, 16 lbs. of New York or T-Bones/Porterhouse, 16 lbs. of Top Sirloin, 3 lbs. of Flank Steak, 185 lbs. of Ground Beef, 95 lbs. of Roasts30 lbs. of Soup Bone for Broth20 lbs. of Kabob or Stew, depending on availability (all weights are approximate). Approx. 380 lbs. of Beef

So that means the Tenderloin is $6.05/lb. the Ribeye, the New York, the T-Bone etc...! When normally these are $23, $18 and $17/lb. if purchased al la carte. In our bulk ground beef packages the ground beef isn't even this cheap!  

How Ordering Whole Beeves Will Work

1 Order

Order! We will only do this sale for the first 15 who jump on it! If necessary purchase a deep freezer or talk to a few friends or family members and split this package. You are saving $900 off of retail price and $400 off the package price!

2 Fill the Order

Once we have your order we will fill them:) We will gladly split this into as many portions as needed if sharing with other families or friends! Splitting the order evenly here will elminate confusion on your end. We will give the weights of each individuals share when split.

3 Pick Up

Meet us to pick up your order on your scheduled pickup date and time. We look forward to seeing you!