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Pasture Raised on 250,000 Acres

The Grand Canyon makes this strip of land unaccessible to it's own state! In fact the county seat is in Kingman, AZ. and because of that the Strip was historically known as a place for outlaws. They'd committ their crimes then jump the border into Arizona and since it was out of Utah's jurisdiction nothing could be done. Kingman was only about 60 miles from the strip the way the crow flies but it took the Sheriff 3 weeks by horseback to ride from Kingman into Nevada then Utah and down into the Strip and because of that he rarely came around. After survyeing the land years ago National Geographic dubbed it the Tibet of the Americans. A desolate strip of land that is untamed and harsh on anyone who plans to live there. The early Mormon Pioneers came across the plains to Salt Lake City, Utah from back east and once there, many families were commissioned to settle other regions nearby. Originally the plan was to grow cotton in the southern part of Utah (This is why St. George, UT. is called Utah's Dixie) but they quickly realized it was a very difficult place to grow anything but they recognized that the cattle were thriving! Since then the Strip has become cattle country. Currently Bar 10 Beef grazes 1,000 cows on 250,000 acres. It takes 100 acres per year to sustain just one cow out here! We rotational graze the cattle to ensure that certain pastures are resting, allowing the soil and grass to regenerate and thrive after the cattle had left their mark. The grey dot is where our guest lodge is. It lies about 10 miles from the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Whitmore Canyon. The ranch is completely off the grid running on solar power and is gravity fed 25 gallons of fresh water per minute by a spring called Big Spring. We have guest from all over the world come out to experience the truly wild west! Bar10.com