Due to the high volume of ordering; we are filling orders chronologically irregardless of location and the expected delivery date is currently 3-4 weeks from the time you place your order. Please call 435.668.3465 with questions. Thank you for your patience and support during these times! Our ranch is large, we will be able to fill your order, it will simply take a little longer than normal.



Ruby and her late husband Tony founded the Bar 10 Ranch. Ruby resides in St George, Utah, surrounded by family and friends. Her two boys help with the day to day operations of both the cows and the guest lodge. 


Kelly & his wife Heidi live in Santa Clara, Utah with their six children.


Gavin & his wife Andrea live in St. George Utah with their five children.


Founded by the late Tony Heaton and his wife Ruby, the Bar 10 Ranch is a working cattle ranch and guest ranch. The Bar 10 Ranch is located nine miles from the north rim of the Grand Canyon, in the heart of the Parashant National Monument, on the fabled Arizona Strip, one of the most remote areas of the Western United States. From the desert plateaus of Northern Arizona to the lush mountain pastures of Southern Utah, the ranch encompasses more than 250,000 acres and ranges in elevation from 3000 ft to over 7000 ft. The ranch is fully self-sustained, leaving all public utilities and amenities, including power lines, oiled roads, and telephone lines, 80 miles away. The Bar 10 Ranch generates its own solar power and is fed by one of the only springs on the Arizona Strip, providing the ranch with a constant supply of pure water. For more information about the Bar 10 Ranch or to make a reservation at our lodge, visit our website: Bar10.com

For over 100 years, the Heaton family has been raising cattle on the Arizona Strip. They have always felt like they raised a superior calf, but would sell that calf at auction for the same price that everyone else received. From the time it was sold at auction to the time it reached the consumer’s plate, they didn’t ever know where that calf went, or how it was treated. In recent years, with the industrialization of beef and the distrust created by inhumane animal treatment and food borne illnesses, the decision was made to start providing consumers directly with safe, high quality, gourmet all natural grass fed beef. Now, the Bar 10 Ranch controls how the cattle are treated from beginning to end.


Braedon Paramore

Sales & Marketing for Bar 10 Beef

Braedon resides in St. George, Utah. He oversees Sales & Marketing for Bar 10 Beef. If you have any questions about the beef or its health benefits, or would like to place an order, please give him a call at 800-582-4139 or 435-628-4010. Send him an email if that’s easier braedon@bar10.com.
Braedon’s general mind-set is that humans should eat the foods our ancestors would have eaten. Foods that are pure, natural and the product of the sun and the earth with minimal human intervention.