We want you to know and understand everything we're doing to raise cattle with regenerative practices. It's something we take serious and building a relationship with you is of the upmost importance so please call Braedon's direct line with any questions you have when purchasing beef from our ranch. 435.668.3465 - Thank you!

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The first step is to create your free account. Here you will choose the pickup location closest to you. This is where we will meet you with your order.
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2. Browse the store
Browse through our ever growing selection of pasture-raise products. Add the products you like to your order. Deals are best when you buy in bulk.
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3. Pick-up your order
Pick up your order on your scheduled pickup date and time. Payment can be made via Credit Card online or by check at pickup.

Ordering FAQs

How do pickup days work?

  1. Arrive at pickup location at your scheduled time. You will be greeted by our farm's friendly delivery driver. (If several customers arrive at once you may have a short wait.)
  2. Provide the name on your order and we will locate your order on our truck and transfer it to your vehicle. (We will have your order in boxes so you will not need coolers unless you are traveling more than an hour.)
  3. Take products home and prepare with tender love and care. Enjoy!


How do I add to my current order?

You can simply login anytime before your upcoming deadline and add to an existing order.


Accepted payment methods?

We now accept all major credit/debit cards as our sole payment method.  


Is there a delivery fee?

Nope, as of now we're grateful to be able to deliver for free.


What exactly is a Pickup Location?

Pickup Locations are simply places where we meet you with your order. Many times each location is organized by a volunteer Location Leader who helps organize and facilitate each delivery. Our deliveries take place at home driveways and permitted business or church parking lots. Very small drops may take place at a common parking lot or convenience store.  


What should I bring on pickup day?

We encourage you to bring a copy of your payment receipt or have it accessible on your phone. This can help speed up the process. 


Can a friend pick-up my order?

Yes, however just be sure you have logged in and paid for your order prior to pickup.


When are the order deadlines?

Most order deadlines are 2-3 days prior to the delivery date. See locations...


Can my Location Leader hold my order?

This is strongly discouraged because of the extra burden that it adds for our Location Leaders.


How is my order packaged?

All meat items come individually packaged and frozen. 
Your items will always be packed in boxes or bags for your convenience.