Due to the high volume of ordering; we are filling orders chronologically irregardless of location and the expected delivery date is currently 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order. Please call 435.668.3465 with questions. Thank you for your patience and support during these times! Our ranch is large, we will be able to fill your order, it will simply take a little longer than normal.
1 Box of Ground Beef - $6.39/lb.

1 Box of Ground Beef - $6.39/lb.

Simply 25 lbs. of Ground Beef at our 2nd best price!
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25 lbs. of Ground Beef

The most versatile meat for those who want to add quality food to any meal! Especially mothers after getting their children proper fats, protein, vitamins and minerals! Your children will thrive on Bar 10 Beef's Ground Beef. The fat percentage of our animals is right around 85/15.