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Half Beef

Half Beef

Approx. 190 lbs. of Beef.
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This includes: 

24 lbs. of Steak - 3 lbs. of Tenderloin, 8 lbs. of Ribeye, 7 lbs. of New York or T-Bone, 7 lbs. of Top Sirloins, 1.5 lbs. of Flank Steak, 90 lbs. of Ground Beef, 45 lbs. of Roast, 10-12 lbs. of Short Rib, 8-10 lbs of Soup Bones or Osso Bucco, 8-10 lbs. of Kabob or Stew, depending on availability(all weights are approximate). Approx. 190 lbs. of Beef.