Best Value Wholesale - Hind Quarter - $8.97/lb.

Best Value Wholesale - Hind Quarter - $8.97/lb.

74 lbs. of Beef - Comes in (3) 25 lbs. Boxes - 3 Cubic ft. of Freezer Space - Box Size is 15 x 13 x 11 - $999 Value
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Hind Quarter

Due to the sudden increase in demand, we are currently doing preorders only. We have the animals scheduled for processing; they are just taking a little more time than expected (estimated wait time is 1-2 months). Your card will be charged a deposit of 20% of your purchase upon ordering, the rest of the amount will not be charged until the order is filled. Therefore, securing your spot in line for the estimated date of completion. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email or phone @435-680-8206

Why This Package?

The Hind Quarter is full of higher end cuts! Don't need all the roast and ground beef the Front Quarter would come with? This Quarter is for you! 

This includes: 


- 3 lbs. Tenderloin Steak

- 5 lbs. New York

- 7 lbs. of Top Sirloin Steak

- 3 lbs. Flank, Flat Iron, Skirt or Flap Steak (Depending on Availability)


- 10 lbs. Rump Roast

- 3 lbs. Sirloin Tip Roast

- 3 lbs. Tri-Tip Roast


- 15 lbs. Osso Buco, Stew Meat, Brisket, Short Ribs (Depending on Availability. (If these cuts are in out of stock, we will add a little of everything else to make up the weight) 

- 25 lbs. Ground Beef

The Details

  • Pre-cut to our most popular portion specifications.
  • Frozen and sealed in cryovaced easy-open packages.
  • Each cut is individually packaged and labeled with cut name.
  • Entire order is boxed for easy transportation.
  • 3 cubic ft. of freezer space needed.

Is a 1/4 of Beef Right for You?

Use the chart below to calculate how long a 1/4th of beef will last for your household. Keep in mind that your freezer beef will maintain quality for an entire year in your freezer.

Number of Adults2 Adults      3 Adults   4 Adults   5 Adults   Light Consumption1 Year      7 Months       5.5 Months       5 Months       Moderate Consumption 9 Months      6 Months      4.5 Months      4 Months       Staple Consumption7 Months      5 Months      3.5 Months      3 Months       

Based on average annual American beef consumption of 67 pounds per person.

Please contact our office if you have any questions! 435.680.8206