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55 lbs. Roast/Stew - $6.55/lb.

55 lbs. Roast/Stew - $6.55/lb.

Love Roast?! You will have plenty of options for Sunday dinners, stew for cold days or tri tip for those warm summer nights! Approx. 55 lbs. of Beef - Comes in (2) 23 lb. Boxes - 3 cubic ft. freezer space - Box size is 15 x 13 x 11.
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Roast Lovers - 55 lbs. 

This package was created for those who love the smell of roast on a Sunday! It'll also include Brisket for those dads eager to use their smoker and Stew Meat for stroganoff! Of course there are many other uses for these cuts! Did you know that stew meat is simply roast cut into small chunks? Our stew meat is usually made out of the Rump Roast:) This package is sure to help you meet all your roast needs!

This Package will include: 

- 20 lbs. of Rump Roast

- 20 lbs. of Chuck Roast

- 15 lbs. of Stew Meat

The total weight of this package will be no less then 55 lbs. Sirloin Tip Roast can be substituted when other roasts are not available.