Xetava Gardens Cafe

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Xetava (Zay–Tah–Vah) is a combination of the xeriscape (desert landscaping) and the lava fields that surround the area. The original building was a gift shop with a coffee bar, just the upstairs and the lower area with the flagstone floor.

We purchased Xetava in 2006, and started with two toaster ovens upstairs on a shelf, a grill outside with a tent, and one part time employee. In 2011, we purchased the space next to us, built a kitchen, and added a larger dining room.

The giant rock in the middle of the café is actually 11 rocks, brought in from the base of the red mountain. The wooden floors are from the Lucin Railroad Trestle in Salt Lake City. The front doors, the cabinets, every pillar and cabinet door, the wooden pillars and wainscoting…all carved by hand.

Our philosophy is to serve you the food we would serve our own children. We buy locally sourced, wild, and organic ingredients when feasible. If you love your experience here, tell a friend, or write a review on Google. If there is something you feel we can do better, email us – xetava@gmail.com. We love what we do, we read every email, and we value your input.

Thanks for making Xetava part of your day.


Rachel and Greg